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Why rj's?

RJ's has worked for 30 years to create our dance environment. Each day our instructors work tirelessly to improve our craft and make our program the best in the area for dance education … Yes! Parents, we invite you to do some homework and compare our studio to others in the area. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples in order to get the very best for your budding dancer and your dollar.


What should you look for in a dance studio?

  • Education - We are not just an after-school activity to kill time! We are not a passing fad. We do not believe in teaching quick, fancy tricks. We believe in quality and technique. We know that well-rounded dancers who excel on outside dance teams do so because they receive proper technique in multiple genres. Your dancers will get a technical dance education from their very first class at RJ's. 

  • Instructors - We employ only experienced, adult instructors who are the very best in the industry. Our instructors utilize class assistants and class helpers to make sure your dancer gets the personal attention and instruction they need.

  • Team Programs - We have a variety of team programs for dancers interested in extending their dance and performance experience. 

  • Cost - We have competitive tuition rates and fees as compared to other studios in the West St. Louis area. Contact us for more details about tuition and discounts. 

  • Performance - Our end of the year recital is MORE than just a recital… it is your dancer's opportunity to be a part of a professional production.


Come by and check us out during any of our studio office hours. We would love to show you around and answer any questions you may have about our programs. 


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