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Elementary Classes

Dancers in elementary school are eligible to enroll in a Tap/Ballet/Jazz Combo class and/or a Hip Hop Class.

Tap/Ballet/Jazz Combo classes will emphasize the three important dance genres to create well-rounded dancers. Dancers will also learn stretching techniques, concentration, rhythm, coordination, and discipline within each genre. The purpose of this class is to provide a strong foundation for continued dance training as well as develop a love for the art of dance itself. This class will perform one tap routine, one ballet, and one jazz routine in one of our June recital shows. 

Hip Hop classes will engage dancers with high-energy combos and learn to keep rhythm, follow choreography, and develop body control. This class will perform one routine in one of our June recital shows.

If dancers wish to enroll in both disciplines, we do NOT recommend enrolling in back-to-back classes. We recommend spreading classes out throughout the week and not signing up for more than one class a night!

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