Dancers entering Kindergarten are eligible to enroll in the following classes. If dancers want to enroll in both disciplines, it is suggested that dancers NOT enroll in back to back classes. Kindergarteners, especially at the beginning of the year, have a big transition to full-day school. We recommend spreading classes out throughout the week.

Classes offered

 Tap/Ballet Combination Class

  • 45 Minute Class, Once Per Week

  • The class will be a combination of Tap and Ballet skills

  • Dancers will perform both a Tap and Ballet routine in recital

  • Dress Code:

    • Leotard (any color or style) & dance tights

    • Pink Ballet Shoes (Bloch or SoDanca brand only) 

    • Tan/Carmel Tap Shoes


Diva Hip Hop Class

  • 30 Minute Class, Once per Week

  • This class will only focus on the Hip Hop style of dance

  • This class will perform a routine in recital

  • Dress Code:

    • Comfortable activewear or, if dancers are coming from another class, leotard & dance tights

    • White Pastry hip hop sneakers (available at Madison's Dancewear)


It is important that dancers have proper pink ballet shoes from name brands (Bloch or SoDanca). There are many off-brand, lower-quality shoes being sold in stores like Walmart and Target and many online retailers like Amazon that are NOT quality brands (Capezio Daisy, Capezio Love, Stelle, ABT for Spotlight, etc…).

These shoes do not provide the same support and do not allow dancers to point and flex their feet. These factors lead to dancers developing poor habits and technique, which is the opposite of our goal!