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General Information

The rules of etiquette in the dance world are essential to the development of young dancers. Whether you're entirely new to dance or a seasoned veteran, please review our etiquette standards below, and contact us if you have any questions.

Every student is expected to behave throughout the facilities in a disciplined, responsible, and courteous manner. Excessive talking or unfriendly behavior is not conducive to a healthy learning environment. Renee Johnson's Dance Studio reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose attitude, attendance, or conduct is found unsatisfactory.


REMEMBER: The dance studio is every dancer's "home away from home."


  • General Studio Reminders

    • No gum allowed in dance studio

    • All students should visit the restroom prior to class

    • Be courteous to other students, teachers, and staff; rude behavior may lead to removal from class

    • Please respect the studio space; running in the halls, climbing on barres, raised voices, peeking into studios, etc is unacceptable behavior

    • Dancers should not wear their dance shoes outside

    • Street shoes should not be worn inside the studios


  • Dancer Appearance/Attire (see Dress Code)

    • No underwear to be worn with dancewear

    • All dancers must wear appropriate shoes and dancewear for the specified class; specific styles and colors (as designated in supply list) must be purchased prior to recital

    • All hair should be pulled into a bun, ponytail or half up/half down (if short)


  • Young Dancers

    • All dancers must be potty trained and without Pull-ups

    • Pacifiers are not permitted in dance class

    • Young dancers specifically must visit restroom prior to dance class

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