Office team

Debbie Hudspeth

Miss Debbie

Business Manager


Miss Debbie is the southern voice you hear behind the desk at the studios. She is a former RJ's Dance Mom and a hopeful future RJ's Dance Grandma!

Brooke Braswell

Miss Brooke

marketing, advertising, & Social media

Miss Brooke is the lady behind all of our social media posts, advertisements, and websites. She is an RJ Alumn, high school teacher, wife and mom.  

Tracy Flora

Miss Tracy

studio office staff

Miss Tracy can be found behind the desk and phone in the studio offices. She is a former RJ's Dance Mom. She is also a dog enthusiast and can be found working at Purina Farms in her free time. 

Kathleen Harris

Miss kathleen

studio office staff

Miss Kathleen is the friendly face behind the desk at RJ's Chesterfield. She is a former RJ's Dance Mom, a retired Rockwood secretary, and a hopeful future RJ's Dance Grandma.

Alisha Leuders

Miss alisha

studio office staff

Miss Alisha is one of the faces behind the desk at RJs Chesterfield.  

Alyssa Murphy

Miss alyssa

studio office staff

Miss Alyssa is a 2018 graduate of RJs. She currently assists classes as well as helps do administrative work in the offices. Alyssa is also attending Maryville University studying Engineering and dances on the Maryville University Saints Dance Team.