About miss renee

Miss Renee did not happen upon the dance studio business by accident. In fact, her sister Miss Becky, of Becky Nalevanko's Dance and Tumbling Studio in Des Moines, Iowa,  created a prestigious dance and tumbling studio that has been in business and thriving for over 45 years. Renee was raised at Becky’s first as a student and later became an instructor. It is Miss Becky’s studio that became an inspiration for Miss Renee when she became a studio owner after moving to St. Louis in 1991.


For nearly three decades, Renee has cultivated a dance environment that nurtures every dancer and she has built a unique dance network built upon respect and excellence in the dance community, both locally and nationwide. Ask any dance professional from coast-to-coast, and they will have a story about Miss Renee! Her enthusiasm and love for the arts are unmatched. Miss Renee has kept her studio fresh and current by attending hundreds of dance conventions and competitions, as well as the annual Dance Teacher Summit in New York. She is also a member of the Dance Studio Owners Association.  


Perhaps her greatest achievement is the title of Dance Mom! Miss Renee is the mother of two daughters, which are her pride and joy. Oldest daughter Madison is currently touring in the Ensemble on the national tour of Hello Dolly and resides in New York where she works in musical theater. The younger daughter, Sydney, is attending Texas Christian University and performing with the Nationally recognized TCU Elite Dance Team.


Renee Johnson is also the owner of Madison's Dancewear in the Chesterfield Valley.