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Preschool classes

It is never too young to start dancing! Enrolling your 3 or 4-year-old, first-time dancer in a dance class is more than just hopping around to fun music. Your dancers are establishing and developing many important social, cognitive, physical, and gross motor skill sets that will be used for dance and in the real world!

Preschool classes will focus on a combination of introductory ballet, tap, and creative movement, as well as light acro/tumbling skills. They will perform a tap routine and ballet routine in one of our June recital shows!

We accept dancers into this class as long as they will be turning 3 by January 1st of the dance season. Registrants must also be fully potty trained (no pull-ups) and pacifier-free for class. The promise of dance class can be GREAT positive reinforcement for these big milestones!

Parents are expected to bring dancers to class and then exit the studios for the duration of the class. We know this can be hard, especially at the beginning, but it is so important to teach young dancers this first step of independence! We love inviting our parent observers into class for our designated Parent Watch Weeks to show off all of our progress!

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