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RJ's Chesterfield

competition team

Competition Team director ... miss katey

assistant team director ... marcus

RJ's Chesterfield Competition Team is focused on the serious dancer. The team is one of the most highly regarded in the country and regularly receives the highest placements and awards at prestigious regional and national competitions. This team is made up of well-rounded dancers who excel in all styles of dance. We believe in teamwork and proper technical training. 

The team commitment is a full dance season and dancers participate in 2 regional conventions, 4-5 regional competitions, a studio showcase, studio recitals and a national competition every other year. 


Dancers must audition in the summer to participate in the following year's competition season. Dancers wishing to audition are encouraged to attend open ballet and jazz classes during the summer and are REQUIRED to attend the Summer Intensive.


If selected, our competition directors determine the placement of students on the team and the number of competitive routines given to a dancer.

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