3 & 4 Year Olds

It is never too young to start dancing! Enrolling your 3 & 4 year old into a class is more than just hopping around to fun music. Your dancers are establishing and developing many important skill sets like social, cognitive, physical, and motor. 

We accept dancers into these classes as long as they will be turning 3 by December 1st of the dance season. Registrants must also be fully potty trained (no pull-ups) and pacifier free for class. Parents are expected to bring dancers to class and then exit the studios for the duration of the class. This is sometimes hard at the beginning, but so important! We love inviting our parent observers into class for our designated Parent Watch Weeks to show off all of our progress!  

This class will only perform a Ballet routine & Tap routine in the recital!

Dress Code

Leotard (any color or style) & dance tights

Pink Ballet Shoes (Bloch or SoDanca brand only) 

Tan/Carmel Tap Shoes


It is important that dancers have proper pink ballet shoes from name brands (Bloch or SoDanca). There are many off-brand, lower-quality shoes being sold in stores like Walmart and Target and many online retailers like Amazon that are NOT quality brands (Capezio Daisy, Capezio Love, Stelle, ABT for Spotlight, etc…).

These shoes do not provide the same support and do not allow dancers to point and flex their feet. These factors lead to dancers developing poor habits and technique, which is the opposite of our goal! 


Classes listed above are subject to changed. If a class reaches its capacity, a waitlist will be started.